Become a guitar
Your Guitar | The Internet | 60+ min a day
This guitar university is for you if:
Your guitar level is alreday high enough, but you feel that you've hit the сeiling and can't move further to become a true professional
You are willing to enhance your theoretical and practical guitar knowledge to the maximum extent
You want to learn how to instantly improvise and compose absolutely unique music
Pursuing the bright music future

MUSICABINET | GUITAR UNIVERSITY is made for those, who are striving to get the most out of fundamental music education in a systematic way.

It is for those, who want to invest time & money into the future smartly in order to fullfill the dream of becoming a true professional.

Get familiar with MUSICABINET | UNIVERSITY within 14 days
  • Sign up
  • Get familiar with the interface
  • Start learning
  • Study every day
  • You will feel the results in a week
Daily practice — solid results
We adhere to the theory of small steps that allow us to achieve big goals.
  • Determine the time you are willing to devote to the studying with the program.
  • Select any lesson from the Grand Chart.
  • The system will guide you throughout the learning materials like a mentor. From simple to complex.
  • You will learn to play your favorite music, improvise and create your own.
Grand Chart is the heart of our training system

It is a table through which you get instant access to any topic and any lesson. And most importantly - you get to see your learning progress in real time.

Consists of 7 courses (from simple to complex). There are 5 educational modules and 2 improvisational modules in each course.
A total of 1001 lessons for studying music theory and practical exercises
backing tracks
Practice to consolidate the knowledge gained to become a real professional
Wherever and whenever

Study at home or while traveling from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Join us, if you're serious about education